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Shatter Quarts Dual Coil 5 Pack

  • Optimized for Perfect Clouds: “Shatter Quarts Dual Coil” for an enhanced vaping experience.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works with Shatterizer Original, Bubbler, and Zenco.
  • Easy Replacement: Comes in a convenient 5-pack for effortless coil changes.

Elevate your vaping with the Shatter Quarts Dual Coil – the key to consistent, perfect clouds.


  • Elevate Your Vaping Experience

    Welcome to the world of Shatter Quarts Dual Coil, where every vaping session becomes a quest for perfection. These coils are not just accessories; they are essential for anyone who demands consistent, high-quality clouds from their vape.

    Designed for Compatibility

    These Quartz Dual Coils, perfectly compatible with the Shatterizer Original, Bubbler, and Zenco, ensure a versatile vaping experience. Now, you can enjoy seamless performance across various devices, thanks to their universal design.

    Effortless Coil Replacement

    In each convenient 5-pack of Shatterizer replacement coils, you find the ease of installation that’s unparalleled. You can quickly unscrew the old coil and snap in the new one – it’s that simple! This means you get back to enjoying your perfect clouds without any hassle.

    Crafted for Peak Performance

    We have meticulously engineered each coil to sync flawlessly with your Shatterizer Vape Pen. Expect smooth draws, full flavours, and the cloud perfection you’ve always desired with every use.

    A Note on Coil Caps

    Also, remember that coil caps are available separately. Adding a coil cap enhances your vaping experience by distributing heat evenly and maintaining optimal temperatures.

    A Vaping Essential

    Finally, the Shatter Quarts Dual Coil is a game-changer for vaping enthusiasts. Whether you’re experienced or new to vaping, these coils are sure to uplift your experience.

    Switch to the Shatter Quarts Dual Coil for your Shatterizer and notice the remarkable difference. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution in your vaping journey.


1 Coil, 5 Coil pk


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