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Peyote Cookies Cannabis Flower – Indica

  • Epic THC Levels: With a whopping 27.2% THC, Peyote Cookies is all about that potent chill. 🌿
  • Chill Vibes Only: This 95% indica strain is your ticket to supreme relaxation, like floating on clouds. ☁️
  • Medicinal Magic: Not just a pretty bud, it’s a go-to for easing pain, stress, and more. 🌟

Kick back with Peyote Cookies Cannabis Flower – the ultimate strain for relaxation and relief! ✌️🍪


Potency Meets Chill

Peyote Cookies Cannabis Flower is not your average bud. With a THC content of 27.2%, this strain is for those who appreciate the finer things in cannabis – potency, flavour, and all-around good vibes.

Taste the Tropics

Get ready for a taste explosion. Peyote Cookies blend sweet tropical guava with undertones of coffee and vanilla. It’s like a flavour party, where everyone’s invited, and the vibes are always right.

Deep Relaxation Awaits

This strain hits fast and lasts long, enveloping you in a blissful state of relaxation. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a hectic day or chill with friends, Peyote Cookies has got your back.

Healing Touch

Beyond its chill factor, Peyote Cookies is a powerhouse for relief. Many choose it to tackle tough issues like chronic pain, muscle spasms, and the blues. This bud is not just about feeling good; it’s about healing good.

Strain Aesthetics

And, oh yeah, those looks that are not to be forgotten—this bud is an absolute killer in that department. Olive green, purple hues, bright red hairs, and sparkling like trichomes, you will find that Peyote Cookies are just as pleasing for the eyes as they are for the soul.

Step up your chill game with Peyote Cookies Cannabis Flower – where good vibes and healing meet. 🌸✨


1g, 3g, 7g


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