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ICR Vape Carts 1ml

  • High Potency THC: “ICR Vape Carts 1ml” with a THC content of 92.3%.
  • Exquisite Quality: Second path THC distillate and designer terpene blends.
  • Innovative Cartridge Design: Features AVD’s EZ press cartridges for consistent vaporization.

Experience the pinnacle of vaping with ICR Vape Carts 1ml – where purity meets innovation.


Potent and Flavourful

Introducing the ICR Vape Carts 1ml. These carts offer a strong THC level of 92.3%. Also, they’re made by the Indigenous Cannabis Revolution (ICR), which is known for high-quality products.

Precision-Filled with Care

Every ICR vape pen is filled in a special environment without oxygen. This way, you get a pure product. The THC distillate inside has more than 90% THC for a strong effect.

Special Terpenes for Taste

Along with the high THC, these carts have a special blend of terpenes. These add great taste and cater to your needs. Plus, there are two new seasonal flavours to try!

Top-Notch Cartridge Tech

ICR uses AVD’s EZ press cartridges. These have a glass body and a ceramic core, so you get consistent heat and keep the great taste of your vape.

A Sophisticated Choice

These vape carts are perfect for those who love a refined vaping experience. The mix of potent THC and terpenes will leave you impressed.

Just Pure Ingredients

In these carts, you’ll find only THC distillate and terpenes. Nothing else. This keeps the vape pure and potent.

Ideal with AVD’s Alpha Battery

For the best experience, use these carts with AVD’s Alpha battery. This combo makes sure your vape works great every time.

Quality You Can Trust

You can check ICR’s lab results page for quality assurance. All products are tested to make sure they’re safe and consistent.

A Premium Vaping Experience

In short, ICR Vape Carts 1ml are not just any vaping product. They’re a top choice for those who want a strong, tasty, and high-quality vape.

Upgrade your vaping with ICR Vape Carts 1ml. It’s more than just vaping; it’s enjoying a premium experience with every puff.


Durban Poison, Do-Si-Do, Gods Gift, Sour Tangie, Zkittlez, Grand Daddy Purple, ATF, Pineapple Express, White Widow, Jack Herer, Pink Kush, Northern Lights, Bruce Banner, Ghost Train Haze, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, Sunset Sherbet, Dutch Treat, Blue Cheese, Kosher Kush


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