ICR- Vape Carts 1mL *New Price

THC:  92.3%

Indigenous Cannabis Revolution (ICR) has created an exquisitely produced second path THC distillate housed in the industry’s most advanced vape cartridge now turned disposable!

Each pen is carefully filled in an oxygen-free environment with a second path Delta 9 THC distillate with THC levels testing in excess of 90%. ICR’s highly potent distillate is matched with a designer terpene blend that will meet your medicinal needs and provide uncompromising taste with two new seasonal flavours.



ICR uses AVD’s EZ press cartridges which incorporate a premium glass body with a proprietary ceramic heating core for consistent vaporization, even heating and flavour retention.

Developed for the modern connoisseur, ICR’s highly potent 2nd pass THC distillate with designer terpene blend will leave you feeling refined and sophisticated.

Pure and Potent – This product contains distillate and designer terpenes. No other additives.
For Quality Assurance please visit our lab results page.

For the ultimate vaping experience, we recommend pairing our vape cartridges with AVD’s premium Alpha battery.



Durban Poison, Do-Si-Do, Gods Gift, Sour Tangie, Zkittlez, Grand Daddy Purple, ATF, Pineapple Express, White Widow, Jack Herer, Pink Kush, Northern Lights, Bruce Banner


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