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Treat Leaf Silo Jubes 5000mg

  • High Psilocybin Content: 100mg per jube, 5000mg per package.
  • Fruity Flavour Burst: Sweet, chewy, and fantastic taste in every bite.
  • For Every Enthusiast: Ideal for both experienced users and newcomers.
Discover Sophisticated Joy with Treat Leaf’s Silo Jubes

Experience the delightful world of Treat Leaf’s 5000mg Silo Jubes. Perfect for anyone seeking a tasteful blend of high-quality psilocybin and exquisite flavours, these jubes offer a unique and enjoyable experience in the realm of edibles.


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Step into a World of Flavour with Treat Leaf’s 5000mg Silo Jubes

Embark on an exquisite journey of taste and discovery with Treat Leaf’s 5000mg Silo Jubes. Each package contains a generous 5000mg of Psilocybin, divided into 50 pieces at 100mg each. These jubes offer a burst of fruity goodness, combining sweet, chewy, and fantastic flavours in every bite.

A Doorway to Fancy Treats

Silo Jubes from Treat Leaf are not just ordinary candies; they’re a gateway to a world where indulgence is elevated to an art form. The meticulous effort that goes into crafting each gummy reflects Treat Leaf’s commitment to quality and an exceptional edible experience.

The Perfect Blend of Strength and Flavour

Whether you’re well-versed in psilocybin edibles or just starting out, Silo Jubes strike the perfect balance between potency and taste. Each piece is a moment of joy, offering a delightful break from the ordinary and an introduction to the fancy side of edibles.

Elevate Your Edible Experience

Raise your edible game with Treat Leaf. Let Silo Jubes guide you through a sophisticated world of delicious treats. From the first bite to the lingering aftertaste, Silo Jubes invite you into a realm of tasty sophistication and joyful moments.


Cherry, Fruit Explosion, Jungle Juice, Strawberry, Tropical Delight


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