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Shatterizer QTC Coil Caps 5 Pack

  • Optimized for QTC Coils: “Shatterizer QTC Coil Caps” enhance your vaping experience.
  • Easy Grip Design: Simplifies loading, exclusive to QTC coil design.
  • Reusable and Easy to Clean: Sold in a convenient 5-pack for long-term use.

Maximize your vaping with Shatterizer QTC Coil Caps – the key to perfect airflow and #PerfectClouds.


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Tailor-Made for Your Quartz Triple Coil

Step up your vaping game with Shatterizer QTC Coil Caps. These caps, designed specifically for the NEW Quartz Triple Coil (QTC), make loading your product effortless. Their user-friendly grip ensures a seamless experience every time you vape. Remember, these caps fit only with QTC coils, enhancing their performance to the fullest.

Perfect Match for Your Coils

Pair these coil caps with your QTC coils for an unmatched vaping session. They are incompatible with QDC, CTECH, or S Pod Coils, ensuring that your Shatterizer works exclusively with the intended design. This specialized matching is crucial for enjoying #PerfectClouds with every use.

Reuse and Enjoy

You’ll find these coil caps in a handy pack of five, designed for long-term use. They’re not just a one-time accessory; you can reuse them repeatedly. To clean, simply soak them in alcohol and give them a gentle wipe with a cotton swab. It’s that easy!

Maximize Every Vaping Session

Always combine your QTC Coils with the QTC Coil Caps. This combo maximizes airflow and reduces product waste, ensuring you get the most out of every session. This way, you elevate your vaping experience while also being economical.

A Must-Have for Vapers

In conclusion, Shatterizer QTC Coil Caps are essential for anyone serious about their vaping. They offer not just enhanced performance but also contribute to a sustainable and efficient vaping lifestyle.

Transform your vaping with Shatterizer QTC Coil Caps. They’re not mere accessories; they’re your partners in achieving perfection with every puff.


1 Cap Sativa, 5 Cap Sativa, 1 Cap Hybrid, 5 Cap Hybrid, 1 Cap Indica, 5 Cap Indica


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