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Seedsman Haze Cannabis Flower – Sativa

  • Pure Sativa: A potent strain with 23.7% THC for a high-energy buzz.
  • Rich Flavours: Experience the unique sweet pine and sugary haze taste.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: Excellent for stress, depression, pain relief, and boosting appetite.

Elevate your day with Seedsman Haze Cannabis Flower, where legendary sativa energy meets deep, flavourful impact, ideal for creative and therapeutic use.


Experience the Legendary Seedsman Haze🌿

Introducing Seedsman Haze Cannabis Flower, a remarkable pure sativa with a potent 23.7% THC level, originating from California’s vibrant cannabis culture of the 1960s. Known for its fluffy, scraggly nugs that are super sticky and covered in fine crystals, this strain offers a unique and pungent aroma of sweet pine and haze.

Rich Heritage and Robust Aroma

Seedsman Haze carries a storied legacy as a sativa-dominant strain celebrated for its intense spiciness and captivating earthy, sugary sweetness. The aroma draws you in, promising an unforgettable experience with each puff.

Flavourful and Slow-Burning

Enjoy the slow burn of Seedsman Haze, which leaves behind a white ash—a sign of its purity and quality. The sweet pine and subtle haze flavours create a complex and enjoyable smoking experience that’s both deep and lingering.

Energizing and Creative High

Seedsman Haze is not just known for its flavour and aroma but also for the high-energy, creative buzz it delivers. This sativa is perfect for those looking to enhance their creativity or need a boost of energy during the day. Its euphoric effects are well-suited for treating stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and lack of appetite.

Ideal for Various Therapeutic Needs

This strain packs a punch with its ability to alleviate multiple symptoms effectively. It’s particularly beneficial for mood elevation, stress relief, pain management, and stimulating appetite, making it a versatile choice for medical cannabis users.

Choose Seedsman Haze Cannabis Flower for a sativa experience that combines history, flavour, and potent therapeutic effects. It’s perfect for anyone seeking a powerful uplift and creative inspiration.


.5g Preroll, 1g, 3g, 7g


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