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Randy’s Blue 1.25″ Wired Rolling Papers

  • Innovative Design: Features a built-in wire for easy rolling and holding.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made in the USA with fine paper and North American stainless steel.
  • Natural and Unbleached: Each pack contains 24 natural, unbleached papers.

Experience a unique and easy smoking session with Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers – innovation meets tradition.


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Revolutionizing Rolling Since 1975

Embrace a new level of convenience with Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers. Since 1975, these papers have been a game-changer in the smoking world, crafted with dedication in the USA.

Built-In Wire for Ease and Comfort

What sets Randy’s papers apart is the innovative built-in wire. This stainless steel wire serves two key purposes: Firstly, it acts as a support bridge when rolling, making it perfect for beginners. Secondly, as the paper burns, the wire transforms into a handle, ensuring comfortable and hassle-free smoking sessions.

The Benefits of Randy’s Blue

The Blue 1 1/4 Size of these unbleached papers is ideal for those who prefer a natural experience. Each pack contains 24 papers, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next roll.

Natural and Unbleached Quality

Randy’s commitment to quality is evident. They use only the finest unbleached paper, guaranteeing a pure and enjoyable smoking experience. The natural composition of these papers makes them a healthier choice for discerning smokers.

Easy Rolling, Easy Holding

Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers redefine the rolling and smoking experience. They enable easy rolling, thanks to the wire, and easy holding, making them a practical choice for smokers at all levels.

A Tradition of Excellence

In conclusion, Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers are more than just rolling papers; they’re a testament to innovative design and quality craftsmanship.

Choose Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers for a seamless rolling and smoking experience. They’re not just papers; they’re a smart solution for smokers everywhere.


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