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Mukwa Botanicals Extra Strength Daytime Pain Tincture – 30ml

  • Effective Pain Relief: 1:3 THC to CBD ratio (5mg:15mg/mL) targets discomfort.
  • Suitable for Daytime: Sativa-dominant blend ensures mental clarity.
  • Pleasant Flavor: Stevia and peppermint enhance the taste.

Embrace clarity and comfort with Mukwa Botanicals Daytime Pain Tincture โ€“ your natural ally for pain relief and focus during the day.


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Achieve Balance and Relief

Mukwa Botanicals Daytime Pain Tincture offers a unique blend for your daily needs. This full-spectrum tincture, with a 1:3 THC to CBD ratio, provides effective relief from pain. Moreover, it’s ideal for use at any time of the day, thanks to its sativa-dominant composition.

Tailored for Daily Activities

Additionally, this tincture is perfect for those who need pain relief while staying alert. It helps maintain emotional and mental balance, offering a practical solution for those busy days. The sativa dominance ensures you stay focused and clear-headed.

Broad Spectrum of Benefits

Furthermore, the tincture not only relieves pain and inflammation but also brings anti-oxidizing and mood-enhancing benefits. CBD’s properties extend to inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells, making this tincture a versatile choice for overall health.

Indigenous Wisdom in Every Drop

Finally, Mukwa Botanicals, rooted in Ojibway traditions, represents more than just pain relief. Rob Stevenson created the brand to embody courage and leadership, focusing on natural, ethical, and sustainable practices. This tincture is a testament to this commitment.

Opt for Mukwa Botanicals Daytime Pain Tincture for a balanced approach to managing pain and maintaining mental clarity. It’s not just a tincture; it’s a step towards holistic health, inspired by Indigenous wisdom.

Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 cm


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