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Medicine Wheel Weed Oil

  • Retro Vibes: Medicine Wheel Weed Oil hits you with that classic feel. With 19.4% THC, it’s all about old-school cool.
  • Hybrid Flex: Quick relief meets timeless taste. It’s the best of both eras.
  • All-Around Greatness: Whether you’re vaping, dabbing, smoking, or cooking, this oil’s got you covered.

Medicine Wheel Weed Oil is your ticket to a legendary cannabis ride. Dive into the classic with a modern twist today!


Medicine Wheel Weed Oil is your backstage pass to the golden age of cannabis, reimagined for today’s vibe. It’s where the classic charm of cannabis meets today’s innovation, making every session a throwback hit.

Throwback to Classics

This oil is a shoutout to the days when cannabis culture was just taking off. Mixing affordability with those iconic flavours and feels, it’s like spinning your favourite vinyl record. Every drop brings nostalgia, crafted for the modern connoisseur.

Quick Hits, Familiar Tunes

Also, this oil knows how to make an entrance. Fast relief with a taste that’s all about tradition? Yes, please. It’s like your favourite track – always hits the right note, making you feel just right.

Chill Extraction, Pure Vibes

Moreover, thanks to cryogenic extraction, we’re talking top-shelf purity and potency. This method locks in the goodness, ensuring you’re getting the full band experience – all the compounds playing in harmony.

Versatile Jam Session

And hey, how you enjoy it is your call. Vape, dab, smoke, or mix it into your snacks – Medicine Wheel Weed Oil is down for whatever. It’s the all-access pass to your cannabis adventure, no matter the venue.

Nod to the OGs

Bridging eras, this oil is a high-five to cannabis’s epic journey. It celebrates the classic while rocking the new, designed for those who appreciate the backstory but live in the now.

Medicine Wheel Weed Oil is more than just an oil; it’s a revival tour of cannabis culture, with you holding the VIP pass. Jump on the retro wave with a contemporary edge and let this oil be the highlight of your day.


1g, 5g


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