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Rick Simpson Oil or RSO is a medicinal grade, highly concentrated, and fully extracted oil that is used in the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. RSO is a whole plant extract with an especially high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is used to treat a wide range of ailments including PTSD, cancer, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, inflammation, high blood pressure, and drug addiction.

Medicine Wheel’s Full Spectrum RSO is available in 1mm syringes for ease of dosing. The RSO can be taken orally or be applied topically.

Medicine Wheel Full Spectrum RSO is made with food-grade ethanol and is fully decarboxylated through a 100-hour purge. Medicine Wheel RSO is made by combining select cannabis strains grown in our own gardens. Our full spectrum extraction process gives the product an “entourage effect” because we retain the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the plant that are vital for the healing process.  Like all our products, Medicine Wheel RSO Oil is fully lab tested for potency and safety.

For complete dosing instructions, please see our post on using Rick Simpson oil

Oral Treatment with RSO:

Week 1:

Start with three doses per day, one dose every 8 hours, each about half the size of grain of rice.

Week 2-5:

Double your dose each four days. The goal is to be taking 1g of RSO per day.

Weeks 5-12:

Take one gram of RSO per day until treatment is complete.

Topical Treatment with RSO:

Apply a drop of RSO onto the affected area. Completely cover with a bandage and keep covered for 3-4 days. Within this time only change the bandage if necessary. Repeat this until spots of disappeared.



2 reviews for Medicine Wheel Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

  1. wiggysr (verified owner)

    Hope u restock soon 🙂

    I have smoked Oil for 43 years

    But the benefit I get towards my Chronic issues with ur RSO Oil
    Has made me a Lifer customer

    I live with 3 Chronic health conditions
    4 really as doesn’t look like leg going to heal properly but that’s whatever

    I take Pain pills every 8 hours on good days,
    On bad days well won’t take them closer than 5 hours regardless
    I can eat a long grain rice size drop
    well it might b 10-11 hours b4 my pain starts reminding me
    “Hey like u going take ur pills or what

    Never thought possible 🙂

    As far as smoking it goes
    & high
    RSO should be followed by W.O.W

    Burns absolutely clean no bubbling or crust left over like what experienced in Old days with what people used to try & pass off Lol
    U would occasionally would come across )
    It was amazing what people tried to cut oil with :
    (remember that brown crud in early 90’s Lol

    , & nice colour & texture do finger rub test

    Had to get used Syringe type dropper
    I was use to getting my oil in a 5ver 🙂
    At 1st worried might melt plastic tip of dropper if touches heater of smoke
    but no issue there at all, )

    But practice is everything Lol
    ( found if take knife & alter end with about 45 degree slice 1/8 inch up 2-3mm)
    Get really nice drop & release 🙂

    as compared to using a pin & smoke into a BT for over 40 yearsLol
    Doesn’t take long get perfect size drop

    So back to ur reg weed oil where i was very satisfied with it until I came across & tried ur RSO oil

    Will b waiting patiently but with anticipation for u to get ur new stock 🙂

  2. zak

    does anyone have any advice for cancer cure with RSO ? my mother is sick and i’m willing to give her RSO as treatement.

    Thank you all

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