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ICR Premium Shatter

    • High-Quality THC: “ICR Premium Shatter” offers pure and potent experiences.
    • Varied Flavours: Choose from Candyland, Northern Lights, Runtz, or Strawpicanna.
    • Strong and Versatile: Great for dabbing or vaporizing, with THC up to 90%.


    Discover the power of ICR Premium Indigenous Shatter โ€“ top-tier concentrate for a superior experience.



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Experience Premium Cannabis Concentration

Step into the world of ICR Premium Indigenous Shatter. This product stands out for its high-quality THC isolate. It brings a premium cannabis experience, packed with purity and intensity.

Flavourful Choices Await

You can choose from exciting flavours like Candyland, Northern Lights, Runtz, and Strawpicanna. Each offers a unique taste and sensation, perfect for different preferences.

Understanding Shatter

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate with a glass-like texture. It breaks easily, hence the name. Its colour ranges from golden to amber. The appearance results from a precise production method that keeps the extract calm and undisturbed.

How to Enjoy Shatter

Most users enjoy shatter through dabbing. This method involves a dab rig, which vaporizes the shatter quickly. It’s a great way to experience the full flavour and potency.

Potency at Its Best

Shatter is known for its high THC levels, often between 80% and 90%. This makes it much stronger than regular cannabis flower.

A Quality Product

In conclusion, ICR Premium Indigenous Shatter represents the excellence of the Indigenous Cannabis Revolution. It’s not just a concentrate; it’s a top-quality product for cannabis connoisseurs.

Enjoy the distinctiveness of ICR Premium Shatter. It’s more than a concentrate; it’s a step into advanced cannabis enjoyment.


Candyland, Northern Lights, Runtz, Strawpicanna, Jack Herer, Ice Cream, Forbidden Fruit, Sensi Star, Platinum OG, Green Crack


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