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ICR Hash – Lime OG

  • Even Split: ICR Lime OG Hash rocks a chill 50/50 indica-sativa vibe. Perfect harmony in every hit.
  • Citrus Explosion: Get zapped with a lime lightning bolt. It’s all the tangy kick you need.
  • Crafted by Legends: Whipped up by the master Hashishin Artisans. Pure, potent, and steeped in tradition.

ICR Lime OG Hash is your passport to a rad session. Spark up the lime-infused magic and ride the wave of cool today!


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ICR Lime OG Hash is where the old-school art of hash collides with the zest of modern cannabis culture. Crafted by the legendary hands of Indigenous Cannabis Revolution’s Hashishin Artisans, this hash is a masterpiece, blending the soulful rhythm of traditional methods with the electric buzz of Lime OG.

Lime OG at the Core

Dive into the heart of Lime OG, where every nug is a 50/50 split of chill vibes and energetic waves. Born from OG Kush crossed with a mystery hybrid, Lime OG is your ticket to a flavour festival – think citrus sparklers lighting up your taste buds, leaving you hyped, happy, and ready to create.

Artistry in Every Speck

Beyond the buzz, ICR Lime OG Hash is a testament to purity and power. Cultivated to perfection, free from the bad stuff, and sitting pretty at 30.9% THC, it’s the clean, green machine you’ve been dreaming of. Each speck is a pixel in a larger picture of artisanal excellence.

Rooted in Respect

Championing cannabis from Indigenous sources isn’t just cool; it’s crucial. ICR’s commitment ensures every puff is a salute to traditions, grounded in respect and wrapped in the purest experience. No additives, just the unadulterated essence of cannabis.

Tradition Meets Trend

Choosing ICR Hash means you’re not just about the buzz; you’re about the story, the craft, and the culture. It’s a nod to the sage wisdom of Indigenous hash traditions, jazzed up with today’s hybrid vigour.

ICR Lime OG Hash isn’t just hash; it’s a lifestyle choice. Light up your creative spark, kick back with that lime-infused vibe, and celebrate the blend of heritage and innovation. Get your hands on some ICR Lime OG Hash and let the good times roll.


1g, 3g, 7g


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