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Creator’s Choice Assorted THC Gummies 500mg

(1 customer review)
  • High THC Potency: 500mg THC per package, 100mg per piece.
  • Delicious Flavours: Green apple, blue raspberry, cherry, grape.
  • Responsible Dosing: Ideal for those exploring higher THC levels.
Elevate Your Cannabis Experience with Creator’s Choice

Join the journey of quality and care with Creator’s Choice THC Gummies. Perfect for those seeking a potent, flavourful, and community-focused cannabis experience, these gummies offer the best of both worlds.


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Discover Excellence with Creator’s Choice THC Gummies

Step into the world of Creator’s Choice THC Gummies, an Indigenous Cannabis product that exemplifies quality and community support. Representing the Indigenous Red Market with pride, their 500mg THC gummies offer an indulgent experience thoughtfully designed for dosage precision and flavour variety.

A Symphony of Flavours in Every Pack

Each package contains five 100mg strips, crafted with attention to detail. Delight in the tastes of green apple, blue raspberry, cherry, and grape. These flavours make every bite a pleasure, appealing to a wide range of palates.

Tailored Experience for Higher-Dose Edibles

For those new to high-dose edibles, we recommend starting with a quarter piece. This allows you to gauge your comfort level and customize your experience. Creator’s Choice gummies are perfect for those seeking to explore higher THC levels responsibly.

Quality and Community Care in Every Gummy

Moreover, Creator’s Choice stands as a beacon of quality and community support. Embark on a journey of pain relief with these expertly dosed gummies. Remember, the golden rule with higher-dose edibles is to start low and go slow. This ensures a measured and enjoyable experience every time.


200mg Assorted, 200mg Blue Raspberry LIMITED CLEARANCE, 500mg Assorted


Corn Syrup, Sugar From Beets, Water, Gelatin, Sorbitol From Fruits and Vegetables, Citric & Malic Acid, Food Colouring, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Vegetable Oil, Carnauba Wax

1 review for Creator’s Choice Assorted THC Gummies 500mg

  1. Vee (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Works exactly as intended for someone who takes aprox 25-50mg daily.
    Been exclusively using these gummies since July to help give up smoking for my asthma and I just cannot recommend these more.
    On average the flavors you get vary by bag but usually will include : Red, green, blue and purple but I got my first yellow one today (first time in 10-ish bags throughout 3 months?), I hope it comes back more frequently! It’s super good.

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