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Buddha Boys Mushie Gummies

  • High Psilocybin Potency: 1250mg per gummy, 5000mg per pack.
  • Customizable Dosing: Perfect for both micro and full doses.
  • Enjoyable Taste: A pleasant flavour profile for an enjoyable experience.
Experience the Magic of Buddha Boys

Step into the enchanting world of Buddha Boys Mushie Gummies. Ideal for anyone seeking a personalized and delightful psychedelic experience, these gummies are your gateway to exploring new dimensions of consciousness.


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Embark on a Psychedelic Adventure with Buddha Boys Mushie Gummies

Dive into the mystical world of Buddha Boys Mushie Gummies, expertly infused with 5000mg of premium Psilocybin. Each pack contains four gummies, precisely dosed at 1250mg each, offering a profound journey of self-discovery and sensory exploration.

Tailor Your Experience to Your Preference

These gummies provide the versatility to customize your psychedelic experience. Cut or bite a piece according to your comfort level. Start with a microdose for gentle mood elevation or venture into higher doses for deep introspection and visual experiences.

Savor Every Bite, Explore Every Realm

Enjoy the array of flavours in these gummies, designed to offer a delightful taste experience. They provide a pleasant alternative to the earthy taste of traditional magic mushrooms, ensuring your journey is as enjoyable as it is profound.

Guided and Responsible Journey

We recommend a cautious approach with Buddha Boys Mushie Gummies. Start with a smaller portion, such as half a gummy, and wait for 30-60 minutes to understand its effects. This “start low and go slow” method ensures a safe and enjoyable psychedelic experience.


Cherry, Fruit Explosion, Jungle Juice, Strawberry, Tropical Delight, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Pineapple, Watermelon, Clementine


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