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Zig Zag Slow Burning Rolling Papers

  • Classic Quality: Reliable, even burning.
  • Natural Materials: Made with flax plant fibres and natural gum.
  • Optimal Size: Each pack contains 100 papers, 70mm x 38mm in size.

Enjoy a timeless smoking experience with Zig Zag Rolling Papers – where tradition meets quality.


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A Legacy of Excellence

Step into a world of refined smoking with Zig Zag Rolling Papers. A trusted name since 1879, Zig-Zag delivers the quality and consistency smokers know and love. Made in France, these papers are a staple in the smoking community.

Slow Burn, Lasting Enjoyment

Each pack of Zig-Zag Kutcorners contains 100 slow-burning papers. These Original White rolling papers are thin yet durable, offering a slow, even burn for a uniquely enjoyable experience.

Natural Ingredients for a Pure Smoke

Zig-Zag papers embrace nature’s gifts. Made from natural flax plant fibres and 100% Natural Gum Arabic, they offer a pure smoking experience. The natural materials ensure you enjoy the true flavour of your smoke.

Perfect Seal Every Time

These classic Original White papers feature a special thin glue line. This ensures a perfect seal with every roll. The glue, derived from the sap of the African acacia tree, is 100% natural. It seals effectively without affecting the taste of your smoke.

Consistent Quality

Zig-Zag papers are synonymous with consistency. Each sheet is crafted to provide an even-burning experience, enhancing your smoking sessions. They are a timeless choice for smokers who value quality and tradition.

The Right Size for Your Needs

The 70mm x 38mm size of Zig-Zag Rolling Papers is optimal for most rolling preferences. Each book of papers is designed to cater to your rolling needs, making them a versatile choice for various smoking styles.

Experience the Zig-Zag Difference

In conclusion, Zig Zag Rolling Papers are more than just rolling papers; they are a testament to a longstanding tradition of quality.

Embrace the classic smoking experience with Zig Zag Rolling Papers. They’re not just papers; they’re a key part of your smoking ritual.


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