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Papa Don .5g Pre-rolls – Hybrid

  • Potent Companion: Papa Don .5g Pre-rolls boast 26.7% THC, perfect for those who seek depth in their relaxation. 🌿
  • Serene Indica Bliss: With 95% indica, these pre-rolls wrap you in unparalleled calm, turning any moment into a retreat. πŸ’†
  • Compassionate Relief: Beyond the high, they offer a comforting embrace for pain and stress, nurturing your well-being. 🌟

Connect with Papa Don .5g Pre-rolls – your personal escape to serenity and comfort anytime, anywhere. πŸš€

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Unveiling Potency

Papa Don .5g Pre-rolls invite you to explore their rich 26.7% THC content, a testament to their powerful heritage. Each puff whispers of their mysterious lineage, promising a profound experience.

Indica-Dominant Embrace

Embrace the soothing waves of Papa Don, your evening companion offering tranquillity and sanctuary. Its Indica dominance ensures a journey through layers of deep relaxation, cradling you in comfort.

Healing in Every Roll

These pre-rolls are a beacon of relief, offering a gentle touch for your physical and emotional aches. They’re a trusted friend who uplifts your spirit and soothes your body.

Flavour Symphony

Indulge in a concert of flavors with every inhale – a blend of citrus, spice, and earth, with notes of lemon, diesel, cherry, and mint. It’s a palette of tastes that resonates with the soul, enhancing the experience.

Balanced Euphoria

While offering a sanctuary for your body, Papa Don also lifts your mind to a state of joyful clarity. It’s the perfect balance, ensuring that your relaxation is complete, touching every part of your being.

Embrace the harmony of Papa Don .5g Pre-rolls – your personal journey to a space where peace and happiness converge, crafted for your moment of need. πŸŒŸπŸ’¨


.5g Preroll, 1g, 3g, 7g


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