Goldmember (Psilocybin)

Dosage Recommendations

  • Microdose: .1 Grams
  • Mild Experience: .5-1 Gram
  • Medium Experience: 1-3 Grams
  • Intense Experience: 3-5 Grams


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The Gold Member psilocybin mushroom strain is a combination of Golden Teacher and Penis Envy, resulting in a blend of the best characteristics from each of its parent strains. Additionally, the Gold Member mushrooms have a reputation for being particularly potent.

When consumed, Gold Members magic mushrooms are known for providing users with a powerful and transcendent experience. They are known for their ability to promote feelings of euphoria and deep introspection, making them a popular choice among those looking for a spiritual or therapeutic experience. Many users report feeling a sense of connection to the universe and a sense of unity with all living things. They can also be helpful in addressing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. Overall, Gold Members are a powerful and unique strain that can provide users with a truly transformative experience.

In terms of appearance, Gold Members shrooms are distinguishable by their golden-brown caps and thick, white stems. They are typically larger in size than other strains of psilocybin mushrooms and have a unique texture that’s both firm and slightly spongy. The caps are also known for their unique shape, which is often described as having a bell-like appearance. The overall appearance of the Gold Members strain is attractive and visually pleasing. These potent mushrooms promise a profound experience for both novices and seasoned psychonauts.


3.5g, 7g


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