Sciatica is the term for pain and unpleasant nerve sensation brought about by pressure or injury caused to the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower back down the back of the leg. 

Symptoms include: lower back pain, pain in rear or leg, hip pain, burning or tingling down the leg, weakness or numbness which causes difficulty in moving the leg, constant pain on one side of rear, and shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand.


Cannabis is being widely used for its analgesic properties. Numerous studies have shown that cannabis is an effective, natural pain reliever and will provide relief from pain associated with sciatica. This will allow for those struggling with sciatica to continue with their daily routines as well working on treating the cause of sciatic nerve impingement.


Studies of cannabis to treat sciatic nerve pain have found most benefit from inhalation several times per day. The pain is constant so long as there is pressure on the sciatic nerve, so regular dosing throughout the day is important to keep pain at bay. THC is the most effective pain-relieving cannabinoid, but CBD can also help by reducing inflammation around the nerve which may contribute to the impingement. Patients found an overall decrease in pain caused by the sciatic nerve as well as improvements in physical and mental function when treating sciatica with cannabis. Edibles and tinctures can also provide pain relief, but these are slower acting and may not provide relief quickly enough for some people. Another option is to inhale for immediate relief while also ingesting cannabis oil or tincture drops to provide longer-lasting relief. Topical creams and salves unfortunately often do not penetrate deep enough to affect sciatica.

Method of intake

Smoking, vaporizing, Mukwa Daytime and Nighttime Pain, tinctures, cannabis oil, edibles.

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