FlowerSour Tangerine (Sativa)



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THC: 30%


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This infamous Sativa strain packs an intense flavour punch upon inhale!

Created by cannabis breeders taking the best qualities from its parent strains, East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie these larger than average buds offer a robust citrus flavour profile. When first inspected one might notice fruity, lemony citrus notes, while a second look may reveal a distinct diesel undertone.

When smoked cannaseurs will notice a slight smooth sour flavour, followed by some fast-acting effects. Shortly after consuming users often are hit with flushed cheeks and a head rush centered around their temples.

Within minutes consumers will be met with an increased cerebral high, with thoughts jumping from one to another. Increasing the user’s creativity this strain is perfect for those looking to be productive and/or do some serious daydreaming.

Sour Tangerines cerebral centered effects have been known to assist those suffering from ADHD and other attention deficit disorders. Its munchie inducing tendencies make Sour Tangie perfect for those with diminished appetites due to illness and Chemotherapy.

Typical effects include; focus, relaxation, happiness, social, and euphoria.

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