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Puffco Proxy Vape Pipe

  • Elegant Design: “Puffco Proxy Vape Pipe” boasts an ergonomic and stylish pipe form.
  • Advanced Heating: Features a 3D Chamber for all-around heating and superior flavour.
  • Customizable Experience: Modular design compatible with Puffco and third-party accessories.

Discover a refined vaping journey with the Puffco Proxy Vape Pipe – where elegance meets innovation.


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Redefining Elegance in Vaping

Introducing the Puffco Proxy Vape Pipe, a masterclass in vape design. This elegant and ergonomic device is more than just a vape pipe; it’s an accessory that complements your lifestyle while providing an unparalleled smoking experience.

Superior Flavor and Vapor

At the core of the Puffco Proxy is the revolutionary 3D Chamber. This feature optimizes heating from all sides, ensuring superior flavour and vapour production. It elevates every puff, delivering a taste and experience that’s unmatched.

A World of Customization

The modular design of the Puffco Proxy Vape Pipe opens up a world of possibilities. It’s compatible with an ecosystem of Puffco accessories and third-party glass, allowing for endless customization to suit your style and preferences.

Intuitive and Responsive

Experience ease-of-use like never before with its simple one-button interface, complete with haptic feedback. This user-friendly approach makes your vaping sessions effortless and enjoyable.

Tailored Heating Options

With four pre-set heat settings, the Puffco Proxy caters to your unique vaping needs. Whether you prefer a mild or intense session, these settings offer complete control over your experience.

Quick and Efficient

The device heats up in an average of 30 seconds, meaning you won’t have to wait long to start your session. Plus, the Boost mode allows you to extend your session time or increase the temperature for a more intense hit.

Pure and Clean

Constructed without coils, glues, plastics, or fibres, the Puffco Proxy Vape Pipe promises the cleanest consumption of cannabis. It’s designed for those who value purity and quality in their vaping.

All-Day Battery and Fast Charging

With 1.5 hours of fast charging leading to an average of 15 heat cycles, the Puffco Proxy ensures you’re always ready to vape. Its impressive battery life makes it ideal for on-the-go use.

Convenient Portability

The Puffco Proxy comes in a carrying case, complete with a dual tool (5-pack), loading tool, USB-C cable, and extra storage. This all-in-one portability makes it the perfect companion for any adventure.

The Ultimate Vape Pipe

In summary, the Puffco Proxy Vape Pipe is more than just a vaping device; it’s a statement of sophistication and innovation.

Upgrade to the Puffco Proxy Vape Pipe for a vaping experience that’s both luxurious and cutting-edge. It’s not just a vape pipe; it’s a symbol of refined smoking culture.


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