ICR Silver Hash-Tootz Fruit

Chemfire – THC:  38.6%

Kimbo Kush – THC:  37.5%

Tootz Fruit – THC: 36.4%


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The Silver Line from ICR is the newest Hash to come to the Medicine Wheel! Featuring local entrepreneurs from our Indigenous community bringing quality lab-tested products from crowd favourite strains such as:

Chemfire (Indica) – With a diesel and herbal flavour, this Indica dominant hash helps relieve pain by leaving the user in a relaxed and euphoric state.

Kimbo Kush (Indica) – Beneficial for anxiety and insomnia, this Indica dominant strain helps the user feel sleepy and relaxed while providing a sweet, berry taste upon inhalation.

Tootz Fruit (Sativa Dominant Hybrid) – This hash leaves a fruity, berry taste and gives you the perfect pick-me-up throughout the day. Helpful for focus, depression, and anxiety.

ICR Hashish is aged for a minimum of 3 months to allow for the full nuances and distinct personalities of each strain to take form.

ICR Hashish is made with cannabis flower that has passed all the testing requirements of Red Feather Labs, and is certified to be mold and pesticide free. This pure and potent product is made with cannabis from Indigenous sources and contains no other additives. Quality assurance information for this product can be viewed on the lab results page of www.icrextracts.com.


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