ICR Gold Hash - Lilac Diesel


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Created with the intimate touch of our experienced in-house Hashishin Artisans, ICR hashish embodies the traditions of another time. Sit back, relax, and take all the time you need to enjoy the healing powers created by the right combination of plant, soil, sun, and craftsmanship.

Lilac Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain. Its effects start as uplifting, creative, and energizing and then settle into your body so you can kick back. It smells of sharp chemical diesel and sweet fruity berries with a spicy overtone. The flavor is sweet and fruity accented by sour citrus and pine. Lineage: Four-way cross of Silver Lemon Haze with Forbidden Fruit and Cherry Pie crossed with Citral Glue.

THC values generally range between 65%-85%

ICR Hashish is aged for a minimum of 3 months to allow for each strain’s full nuances and distinct personalities to take form.

ICR hashish is made with cannabis flower that has passed all the testing requirements of Red Feather Labs and is certified mold and pesticide-free. This pure and potent product is made with cannabis from Indigenous sources and contains no other additives. Quality assurance information for this product can be viewed on the lab results page of www.icrextracts.com.



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