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Gas Monkey Cannabis Flower – Indica

  • Indica-Dominant: Cross of Grease Monkey and Gas with 28.3% THC.
  • Fuel-Forward Flavour: Skunky earth and diesel with pine and lemon undertones.
  • Heavy and Sedating: Ideal for insomnia, chronic pain, and deep relaxation.

Unleash the power of Gas Monkey Cannabis Flower, offering potent effects and a robust, fuel-forward flavour perfect for easing stress and deep relaxation.


Unleash the Power of Gas Monkey Cannabis Flower 🐒⛽

Introducing Gas Monkey Cannabis Flower, an Indica-dominant hybrid with a potent 28.3% THC. Created by crossing Grease Monkey and Gas strains, this bud packs an insane potency and pungency. It is ideal for those seeking strong effects and a robust flavour.

Heavy and Potent Effects

Gas Monkey delivers a heavy lift at the onset, rushing into your mind with expanding euphoria that quickly numbs any negative or racing thoughts. This numbing effect spreads throughout your body, leaving you feeling couch-locked, sedated, and at ease with the world around you.

Fuel-Forward Flavour

Enjoy the super heavy, pungent stench of skunky earth and diesel that fills any room as soon as you toke. The flavour is similarly intense, with a tongue-twisting pungency that will leave you gasping for air. Expect a fuel-forward flavour profile with skunky undertones of pine and lemon.

Therapeutic Benefits

Thanks to its strong effects, Gas Monkey is often chosen to treat conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, depression, muscle spasms, and appetite loss or nausea. The potent euphoria and numbing body high provide both mental and physical relief.

Visually Appealing Buds

Gas Monkey buds are fluffy, airy, and popcorn-shaped. They have olive green nugs, small orange hairs, and a coating of tiny clear crystal trichomes. They are as visually striking as they are potent.

Try Gas Monkey Cannabis Flower today and experience its potent effects and robust flavour. It is perfect for easing stress and enjoying deep relaxation.


.5g Preroll, 1g, 3g, 7g


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