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Bear Claw Cannabis Flower – Hybrid

  • Hybrid Vigour: Boasting over 30% THC, This hybrid embodies the bear’s power.
  • Restorative Healing: Quickly soothes stress, pain, and unease, mirroring the bear’s resilience.
  • Regal Flavours: Offers a bold mix of earthy and berry notes, capturing the bear’s essence.

Bear Paw Cannabis Flower combines formidable strength with balanced healing. Discover the adventure Bear Paw brings to each experience today!


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Bear Paw Cannabis Flower merges nature’s raw strength with the nuanced balance of a hybrid. This strain is not just potent; it’s a harmonious blend of qualities, offering an unparalleled journey into cannabis excellence.

Hybrid Vigour Unleashed

Bear Paw, with THC levels above 30%, showcases the power and balance of a hybrid. This strain delivers an exhilarating experience. Meanwhile, it remains perfectly poised, ensuring users enjoy the best of both worlds.

Healing With Nature’s Resilience

Moreover, Bear Paw acts as a beacon of relief, drawing on the bear’s legendary healing powers. It offers a quick escape from daily stresses, embodying the spirit of recovery. Thus, users find solace and rejuvenation with each use.

Regal Flavours of the Wild

Furthermore, each puff of Bear Paw is a journey into majestic flavour landscapes. The strain combines earthy depths with sweet, wild berry notes. Therefore, it offers a rich, complex taste that delights and invigorates.

A Visual Tribute to Strength and Beauty

Also, Bear Paw’s buds are visually stunning, reflecting the bear’s formidable beauty. They sparkle with trichomes and glow with vibrant pistils, showcasing the harmony of strength and aesthetics in nature.

Purity Meets Excellence

Importantly, Bear Paw stands as a symbol of purity and excellence. Rigorous testing ensures it meets the highest safety and quality standards, providing a reliable and potent cannabis experience.

Adaptability for Every Experience

Lastly, Bear Paw’s versatility shines, adapting to various needs and moments. Whether for inspiration, relaxation, or connection, this strain enhances the experience, proving itself as a true hybrid champion.

Bear Paw Cannabis Flower is more than a strain; it’s a celebration of hybrid vigour, healing, and sensory pleasure. Step into a world where strength and balance coexist, and let Bear Paw elevate your cannabis journey.


.5g Preroll, 1g, 3g, 7g


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