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Amnesia Haze .5g Pre-rolls – Sativa

  • Quick Boost: Amnesia Haze offers 22.2% THC for instant sativa energy.
  • Citrus Flavour: Enjoy lemon and citrus in every puff. 🍋 Adds zest to your day.
  • Soothes & Inspires: Great for reducing anxiety and sparking joy. Perfect for daily wellness. 🌞

Your go-to for an energetic and therapeutic start. Ignite Amnesia Haze for vibrant mornings and soothing relief.

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Amnesia Haze .5g Pre-rolls encapsulate the iconic Amnesia Haze strain’s essence in a handy, smoke-ready format. With a strong 22.2% THC, these sativa-dominant rolls, derived from South Asian and Jamaican lines, transform any morning into an energized start.

Vibrant Flavour

Amnesia Haze wakes you with lemon-citrus flavours, making mornings extraordinary. Each puff sets a lively day tone.

Uplift & Creativity

The high from these pre-rolls uplifts and ignites creativity. It’s an energy boost that enhances moments with laughter and ease.

Healing Touch

They also offer relief from anxiety, depression, and pain, supporting your wellness journey with every puff.

Visual & Tasty Appeal

In .5g pre-roll form, Amnesia Haze doesn’t lose its visual or flavour appeal. Expect spicy, fruity flavours and frosty, light green nugs that delight the senses.

Amnesia Haze .5g Pre-rolls make it easy to enjoy the strain’s vibrant energy and therapeutic benefits. Light up an Amnesia Haze pre-roll for a day filled with potential, creativity, and wellness.


.5g Preroll, 1g, 3g, 7g


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